Jewellery & Garment

8 July 2022 - 22 January 2023

Side Event of the Berlin Fashion Week

“Jewellery & Garment” is an interplay between the two sister disciplines of jewellery and fashion. Positions of contemporary author’s jewellery are shown together with vintage avant-garde fashion from private collections. Since the 1960s, an international scene of jewellery makers has emerged who place the artistic idea at the centre of their work. In addition to early approaches that radically break with a traditional conception of jewellery, the exhibition also shows works by a younger generation of artists who not only fight against conventions, but also devote themselves to current socially relevant themes in this ever more complex day and age. These are innovative and experimental works with an individual stamp, carried by the spirit of the times of their creation, but independent of seasonal fashions. Jewellery and fashion are presented in the exhibition as equal, corresponding entities.

Curators: Svenja John and Petra Zimmermann

Advertising design: Gerwin Schmidt, using: Helen Britton, Brooch “Dark Horse”, 2017; Martin Margiela, Circle Top, S/S 2002 (loaned by Anne-Christine Köhler) — Photo: René Arnold, Model: Gloria Liebherr


Free curatorial tours (in German)
Fri, 7 Aug., 4 pm
Sun, 4 Sept., 3 pm
Fri, 9 Sept., 4 pm, on the occasion of the Berlin Fashion Week
Sun, 23 Oct., 3 pm
Registration not required. Admission fee is not included.

Free guided tours
December: Sun, 4.; Sun, 11.; Sun, 18., each at 11 a.m.
January: Sun, 8.; Sun, 15.; Sun, 22., each at 11 a.m.

Long Night of Museums
Sat, August 27, starting at 6 pm

Digital Guide
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