Watch out Bröhan Museum!
Here comes the Children’s Advisory Board

What interests children in a visit to the museum? This question does not answer itself. Together with children the Bröhan Museum set out to actively explore and shape the museum collection. Own ideas were called for, interference and participation were strictly permitted!

Over the course of a school year, students from the 5th and 6th grades of the Nehring Elementary School founded a Children’s Advisory Board. Once a week, the studio of the Bröhan Museum was transformed into a conference room. The project was accompanied by the designer Rose Epple, with whom the children regularly met. These meetings led to a discovery of new ways of working. An important concern for Rose was to support the advisory board in planning participatory projects. The museum was explored, favorite pieces were selected, interactive stations were planned, and concepts for exciting stagings were designed. In the process, the young advisory board represented the concerns and interests of children and young people. Looking beyond the exhibits, for example, led to the wish of many museum visitors: once in a museum at night. Without further ado, the chairs, cabinets, vases and pictures on paper were brought to life. The project focuses on the children’s stories behind the exhibits, which are presented in the book “Welcome to Bröhanien”. The look at the collection of the Bröhan Museum brought to life a parallel world of the children, in which they fantasized, discovered and tried out.

The book “Welcome to Bröhanien” can be viewed here.

“Watch Out Bröhan Museum! Here comes the Children’s Advisory Board” is a cooperation between the Bröhan Museum and the Nehring Elementary School within the framework of the state program Kulturagenten für kreative Schulen Berlin.

Discovery Booklets

The discovery booklets offer children (6-12 years) the opportunity to explore the exhibitions in the Bröhan-Museum with the help of puzzles, drawing and search tasks. The young art fans receive a free copy at the museum box office, which playfully accompanies them on their tour of the respective special exhibitions.

In keeping with the “Braun 100” exhibition, the “Discovery Booklet for Little Designers” focused on design, while the “Discovery Booklet for Little City Painters” introduced children to the artist Hans Baluschek.


How free can form be? How much consideration must it give to function? Is design art?

These were some of the central design questions posed by students in a 7th grade class at the Schule am Schloss. On the occasion of the great Bauhaus anniversary the young visitors found inspiration in the Bröhan Museum, let themselves be inspired by great artists and designers and collected ideas, wishes and visions of their own dream school. As part of a construction project, innovative and functional furniture was created under the direction of Bauereignis, opening up a wide range of design and usage possibilities.

Funded by the Berlin Project Fund for Cultural Education in funding pillar 3 – Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

Our Favorite Pieces – Students from the Nehring Elementary School Explore the Bröhan Museum

Children are collectors. When students at the Nehring Elementary School encounter exhibits at the Bröhan Museum, their interest and curiosity is awakened, making them engage intensively with the objects: What makes a collection? Why do we all collect something? And what do collections tell us about their owners?
With an inquiring eye, the children encounter the world of collecting in order to find out what significance their own collection has in their everyday lives. The young collectors from the Nehring Elementary School meet come together once a week to explore the museum, talk about their expeditions, create collecting portraits, present their treasures, and collect what they can.

A cooperation between the Bröhan Museum and the Nehring Elementary School as part of the Kulturagenten program.

Projects and cooperations with schools

The education and outreach department of the Bröhan Museum relies on a close cooperation with Berlin´s schools. Various school projects take place on the respective topics and contents of the museum collection.

Pupils find inspiration and stimulation during a visit to the museum. Through discussion and creative reinterpretation, exciting and new perspectives emerge.

For example, a poster workshop with former member and designer Alex Jordan took place as part of the exhibition “Grapus: A French Collective of Graphic Designers”.

PRESENT PERFECT – A presentation of student works of the advanced art course of the Heinz Berggruen Gymnasium in Berlin

Exhibition from October 11 to December 2, 2018

Current design issues – interpreted by young people from Berlin. As a museum for design, the Bröhan Museum is particularly interested in such experimental, immediate perspectives. As part of the school cooperation with the Heinz Berggruen Gymnasium, the Bröhan Museum shows selected student works from four advanced art courses that revolve around the meaning and design of greeting and welcome rituals.

When people meet, they greet each other with various physical gestures. The opening of the arms, a wave, a hug, a handshake or a kiss, these are only a few, (mainly positive) Western European gestures of greeting. But what does a “welcome” look like from today’s perspective? Students from the 11th grade have dedicated themselves to this task in a creative way. Familiar greeting rituals and various country- and culture-specific forms of expression were examined, critically questioned and rethought in the course of the artistic-creative process. The result: the perfect gift – a (welcoming) gesture.

Image: Anni Billhardt, Revolution Belly Button, 2018, Photo: Studio Lapatsch I Unger

BERLIN MONDIALE – A cooperation between the Bröhan Museum and the NUK Rathaus Wilmersdorf

The project titled “Berlin Mondiale” enables the exchange between children, teenagers and young adults with a refugee background and art and cultural institutions. The focus of the cooperation is on getting to know and getting along with each other, and an exchange, which expresses itself in creative and artistic forms of expression. Different programs promote common growth and creation.


How do children feel in front of a museum display case? The objects stand too high and there is too much labeling. Not so at the Bröhan Museum, which has display cases for children since the beginning of the year. Using objects from the museum’s collection of Art Nouveau, Art Deco and artists of the Berlin Secession, exhibitions are presented for young visitors. Children can also slip into the role of a curator themselves and create an exhibition with their own works of art.

Museum Driving License– Students from the Schinkel Primary School at the Bröhan Museum

Since 2009, the Bröhan Museum and the neighboring Schinkel Elemetary School have been linked by a school partnership as part of the program KÜNSTE & SCHULE – Partnerschaften für Berlin (ART AND SCHOOL: Berlin Partnerships).

Students from the school visit regularly to explore the museum and its collections and to learn about working in a museum. Fourth graders can even obtain a “museum driving license” here. To receive their license, they visit special places in the museum, for example the depot and the restoration workshop. The students also conduct interviews with the museum staff and complete a hands-on project inspired by the artworks in the Bröhan museum, such as Art Nouveau glassware, ornaments, and porcelain animals.

A Journey of Discovery – Refugee classes at the Bröhan Museum

In the first half of October, children from two welcoming classes for refugees from the Eosander Schinkel Elementary School visited the Bröhan Museum to undertake a journey of discovery. With the help of writing games and maps, a lively dialogue developed around the animal sculptures on display. The question was not just what animals can be found in the Bröhan Museum, but also what they are called and whether they actually exist. Inspired by their impressions in the museum, students then modelled their own small animals in the second part of the workshop. The children all attend welcome classes for refugees at the neighbouring Eosander Schinkel Elementary School, which has been cooperating with Bröhan-Museum in the program “KÜNSTE & SCHULE – Partnerschaften für Berlin” since 2009. In the framework of this collaboration, children are given playful insights into the work of the Bröhan Museum and its collection. The museum has an extensive collection of animal sculptures, including works by the Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur Berlin and Meissen and Scandinavian porcelain makers Royal Copenhagen, Rörstrand, and Bing and Grøndahl.