Museum License Students of Schinkel-Grundschule at Bröhan-Museum

Since 2009, Bröhan-Museum and the neighbouring Schinkel-Grundschule have shared a school partnership as part of the programme KÜNSTE & SCHULE – Partnerschaften für Berlin (ART AND SCHOOL: Berlin Partnerships). Children from the school visit regularly to explore the museum and its collections and to learn something about the museum’s work. Fourth grade classes that visit can obtain their “museum license”. To receive their license, the children visit special places in the museum, for example the depot or the restoration workshop. The students also carry out interviews with the museum staff and execute a project inspired by the artworks in the museum: art nouveau glassware, ornaments, or porcelain animals.

A Wild Journey of Discovery: Refugee classes at Bröhan-Museum

In the first half of October, children from two welcoming classes for refugees from Eosander-Schinkel-Grundschule visited Bröhan-Museum to undertake a “wild journey of discovery”. With the help of writing games and maps, a lively dialogue developed around the animal sculptures displayed. At issue was not just the question of what animals can be found in the Bröhan-Musuem, but also what they are called and whether they actually exist. Inspired by their impressions in the museum, the students then modelled their own small animals in the second part of the workshop. The children all attend welcome classes for refugees at the neighbouring Eosander-Schinkel-Grundschule, which has been cooperating with Bröhan-Musuem in the programme “KÜNSTE & SCHULE – Partnerschaften für Berlin” since 2009. In the framework of this collaboration, children are given playful insights into the work of Bröhan Musuem and its collection. Bröhan-Museum has an extensive collection of animal sculptures, including works by Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur Berlin and Meissen and Scandinavian porcelain makers Royal Copenhagen, Rörstrand, and Bing and Grøndahl.