PGH Glühende Zukunft. Drawings, posters, self-will. Berlin 1989-1995

17 May 2024

Blackbox #14

Rich colors, a bizarre figures and rebellious humor – this is not what conformist boredom looks like.
The graphic design of this former GDR craft production cooperative, PGH for short, is bursting with energetic creative drive. The East Berlin artists’ group inscribed their vision of a glowing future on their banner in 1989, shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Its members Beck, Feuchtenberger, Fickelscherer and Wagenbreth represented the creative appropriation of social change at the time of reunification.

The exhibition PGH Glowing Future presents not only an artistic signature, but also the image of a promise kept, in which the aesthetics of a new beginning are just as embedded as the political commitment: demanding, optimistic and free.

Media partner: Wall GmbH

Curators of the exhibition: Dr. Tobias Hoffmann, Henning Wagenbreth