Art Nouveau meets Colani – Jewelry Tutorials

Inspired by the exhibition “Luigi Colani and Art Nouveau”, we create an unusual jewelry collection together. During the Advent weekends, 4 jewelry tutorials will be presented in the digital series “Art Nouveau meets Colani”. Step by step, individual pieces of jewelry are created under the guidance of jewelry designer Gurbet Hoffmann.

Jewelry tutorial – episode 1, ring: video and jewelry template
Jewelry tutorial – episode 2, brooch: video and jewelry template
Jewelry tutorial – episode 3, earrings: video and jewelry template
Jewelry Tutorial – episode 4, necklace: video and jewelry template

Form Follows Nature – Jewelry Workshops

There are currently no jewelry workshops taking place at the museum. We look forward to welcoming you again at a later workshop.

“We must learn again to observe nature better, there we will find the perfect answers” – this was Luigi Colani’s credo. The famous Berlin designer often drew upon the floral and organic visual language of Art Nouveau. His futuristic designs, furniture and utilitarian objects combine the beauty of nature, the joy of design and experimentation with new materials.

Inspired by Colani´s design universe, individual pieces of jewelry are created under the guidance of an experienced jewelry designer. Acrylic, plastic and silver wire are easy to work with and their variety in color and shape makes them perfect for earrings, necklaces and bracelets. During the workshop, participants will learn different jewelry design techniques. Previous experience is not required.

Next date and program to be announced.

Ages 16 and up, €49 p.p. incl. admission and materials, binding registration required no later than three days before the selected date at:, Tel: 030/32690600

We strictly adhere to the hygiene regulations of the state of Berlin. Therefore, there might be spontaneous changes in the execution of our courses. We will inform you in due course.

Please note: Visitors who have had contact with someone suffering from COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to the event or who themselves suffer from an upper respiratory tract infection are not permitted to attend the event (in accordance with the “Hygiene Framework Concept for Cultural Institutions in the State of Berlin” of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe).