Simply Danish. Silver Jewellery of the Twentieth Century

14 November 2018 - 3 March 2019

The exhibition “Simply Danish” presents the collection of the Berlin couple Marion and Jörg Schwandt with around 170 works of silver jewelry by 48 Danish artists, including icons like Georg Jensen and Mogens Ballin. The collection provides an overview of the various currents of Danish jewellery design in the twentieth century. The spectrum reaches from floral belt buckles in an art nouveau style, constructivistic works from the 1930s, to typically organic shapes from the 1950s. Silver jewellery of later decades reflects the preference of Danish jewellery designers and workshops for geometric shapes and combinations of material.

The exhibition shows how a fixation on the material value of a piece of jewellery was abandoned by the Danish bourgeoisie in favor of artistic value and how this change in mindset has inspired Danish jewellery design for over 100 years now to attain great aesthetic achievements.

Under the Patronage of the Danish Ambassador to Germany.

An exhibition catalogue has been published.

Curators: Jörg Schwandt, Dr. Tobias Hoffmann
Advertising motif: Gerwin Schmidt, Munich