Christian Werner. West Germany, A Still Life: An Inventory of the home of Mr. and Mrs. B.

28 July 2017 - 31 October 2017


In his work, Berlin photographer Christian Werner (born in 1977) has engaged repeatedly with the aesthetic of West Germany before reunification. In 2014, a friend asked him to photograph the home of his grandfather, who had just died recently. The photographs taken over the course of just one day are very personal shots that reveal a great deal about the residents of this home and their typically West German lifestyle. In the poetic images, nothing has been arranged, and yet they show the photographer’s very unique take on a world that has virtually disappeared.

In the series Blackbox, exhibitions on poster design, graphic design, and photography are shown at regular intervals. After a presentation of graphic design, with this exhibition we turn to the medium of photography.

A catalogue has been published. A cooperation with Kunstpalais Erlangen.

Curator: Milena Mercer, Kunstpalais Erlangen

Advertising motif: Gerwin Schmidt, 2017