Summer Festival

7 July 2022, 5.30–10 pm

Following a two-year break, the sixth joint summer festival of the Bröhan-Museum, the Rathgen Research Laboratory and the Berggruen Museum will take place on Thursday, July 7, 2022. For the first time this year, the Scharf-Gerstenberg Collection will also be taking part in the festivities. Guests can expect an exciting program of exhibitions and events in and around the building ensemble by the Charlottenburg Palace.

In the Bröhan-Museum, the exhibition “Jewellery & Garment” will be opened, presenting contemporary author’s jewelry together with vintage avant-garde fashion. Guided tours of the special exhibition “Regard! Art and Design by Women 1880–1940” will also be offered.

In a series of lectures, the Rathgen Research Laboratory will provide some fascinating insights into the world’s oldest museum laboratory.

In the Berggruen Museum, highlight tours will lead through the current collection presentation with its over 120 works by Pablo Picasso as well as numerous works by Paul Klee, Henri Matisse and Alberto Giacometti, to name but a few.

Highlight tours will also be offered by the Scharf-Gerstenberg Collection, for the exhibition “Kopfarbeit – Handarbeit, Tag und Nacht. André Thomkins (1930–1985).” Following the ideas of surrealism, the Swiss painter, draughtsman and poet created works that playfully deal with the pictorial relationship between the “here” and “there”.

The summer festival will be framed by musical performances; the Bettina Berggruen Garden invites all to a summer get-together with drinks and small dishes.


Mobile DesignBox – creative hands-on station of the Bröhan Museum

Welcome and opening of the exhibition “Jewellery & Garment” of the Bröhan-Museum

18:30, 19:15, 20:00, 20:45
Lectures in the Rathgen Research Laboratory

18:30, 19:15, 20:30, 21:15
Highlight tours through the current collection presentation of the Berggruen Museum

18:30, 19:15, 20:30, 21:15 Uhr
Highlight tours through the exhibition “Kopfarbeit – Handarbeit, Tag und Nacht. André Thomkins (1930-1985)” of the Scharf-Gerstenberg Collection

18:30, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00
Highlight tours of the Bröhan Museum’s current exhibitions (18:30: “Regard! Art and Design by Women 1880–1940”, 19:00: “Jewellery & Garment”, 20:00: “Ansehen! Art and Design by Women 1880–1940”, 21:00: “Jewellery & Garment”)

Musical accompaniment: Ukrainian artist Khrystyna Petrynka plays the bandura

Registration for the tours only during the Summer Festival at the respective institutions (limited number of participants).