Tours are offered by Bröhan-Museum led by qualified guides. A tour last ca. 1 hour and can focus on the permanent exhibition, on a special exhibition, or a particular subject. Tour groups should not exceed 25 people.

TOUR FEES (Admission fees not included):
School Groups: 40 € (admission free with prior registration)
Other groups (Tues.-Fri., except holidays): 55 €
Other groups (Sat.-Sun., holidays): 70 €
Tours in English and Turkish (Tues.-Fri., except holidays): 65 €
Tours in English and Turkish (Sat.-Sun., holidays): 80 €
Tours with Bröhan-Museum’s director (Tues.-Fri., except Holidays): 100 €
Tours with Bröhan-Museum’s director (Sat.-Sun., holidays): 120 €

If you have any questions or would like to book a tour, call us at 030/326 906 00, Fax: 030/326 906 26 or send us an email:
Groups are asked to call or send an email in advance of their visit, tel.: 030/326 906 00, Fax: 030/326 906 26 or email: Groups as of 15 persons or more pay the reduced admission fee. Groups can bring their own tour guide.